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Christian Plays

Putting On A Skit Is One Of The Best Ways

To Get People Involved While Spreading The Message! Everyone loves and appreciates a story about people who have concerns and attitudes just like themselves.

That's why well-written plays which spread the uplifting and positive Christian message are so effective. An added bonus is that rehearsing their lines and "getting into their roles" helps the actors understand the Biblical messages better too (young and old).

So get as many people as possible involved! I guarantee they will get so much out of the experience.

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Save your Chrsitian Marriage

If your marriage is not what it should be. If you are in constant pain and agnoy because you no longer get along with your spouse, or if you are headed for divorce, then this is a must-have guide. I am here to tell you that your marriage can not only be restored, but can actually become the marriage of your dreams! You really are married to your soul-mate!

Where is your relationship? Is it where you want it to be? Is it where your spouse wants it to be? Is it where God wants it to be?

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With God Behind You

If you’ve been waiting for that perfect opportunity to rekindle your relationship with your ex… obsessing over their smile or the warmth of their touch… fantasizing about ways you could heal their heart and bring them back to you...

With God Behind You is a 2 week plan packed with 54 pages of vital information you need to reconcile and strengthen your relationship.

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Teach Your Children Well

Bursting with ideas, this e-book — over 200 pages in length — will quickly help you create an exciting time of sharing God's love and provision with your child. The e-book is designed by Dr. Ron Rhodes, a leading and well-known Christian leader.

The down-to-earth illustrations included in the e-book will give you a solid base for helping your child understand a variety of important issues — including our sinful nature, the Gospel message, salvation, humility, honesty, kindness, generosity, angels, handling peers, handling failure, handling emotions, and even such things as humanism, evolution, money, and God's instructions on sex.

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Becomming Gods Masterpiece

It doesn't matter who you are, what you've done, or what your life experiences have been - Your Heavenly Father has a plan for your life! His desire is for you to have a relationship with Him where, in the stillness of your time together, He can gather all of your broken pieces, and reshape you into His very own masterpiece.

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